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We're ambitious. We're tireless. We're dreamers.

Started in February of 2019, Byte Sized Tech LLC is ran by Matthew Putnam, your everyday geek with a passion for technology. With years of professional experience and subcontractor specialists on standby, we're up to any challenge - big or small.

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Our dream is not one of greed, not one of world domination, not even one of extreme profit - but instead one where people feel they can come to us without thinking about the price tag, without worrying if we'll lie to them, without fearing for the safety of their devices or data. The world is changing, and we're putting honesty and fairness at the forefront.

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  • Total honesty and transparency.

  • High-quality workmanship.

  • Outstanding communication.

  • Pride in our work.

For more detail, download our Company Values document (updated Feb. 13th, 2021):

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Years of experience and a wide range of honed skills means Byte Sized Tech is more than a simple repair shop. We've installed commercial and residential security camera systems, rewired commercial buildings, and even helped migrate an entire office building's computer system. If there's something we can't do in-house, our squad of sub-contractors is at the ready.

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