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Started in February of 2019, Byte Sized Tech LLC is ran by Matthew Putnam, your everyday geek with a passion for helping people and everything technology.



Imagine a world where the smallest person means everything to the largest corporation, a world where you don't have to walk into a business hoping they don't swindle you. Imagine having complete trust in the companies you transact with every day. This is the world we dream of, the world we want. Our vision is that of helping those in need. Our vision is not one of greed, not one of world domination, not even that of extreme profit - but instead one where people feel they can come to us without worrying about the price tag, without worrying if we'll lie to them, without fearing for the safety of their devices. The world is changing, and we'll be making sure honesty and fairness are the head of the spear.



  • Honesty and transparency in every aspect of the company.

  • High-quality workmanship we're proud of.

  • Ensuring your understanding is clear, accurate, and complete.

For more detail, download our Company Values document (updated Feb. 9th, 2019):